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Mobydick Shipchandler Co., the leading company of our group, operates in the following fields:

- International ship supply services,
- Shipchandler and technical equipment supply,
- Transit parts customs clearance,
- Bonded warehouse services,
- International frigo/reefer land transportation.

Within this scope, Mobydick Shipcandler Co. has branch offices and warehouses in Istanbul and Ceyhan (YUMURTALIK) custom-free areas. It also owns a C-type bonded warehouse in Istanbul.

Thanks to its experience over 15 years, Mobydick has become one of Turkey's most prominent shipchandler companies. We implement all the stages of the organization related to the above services within our own structure. Mobydick Shipchandler Co. is a member of ISSA.

We also own and operate a fleet of 20 frigo/reefer trucks between European countries and Turkey for land transportation.